Cierra Valor

Co-Founder of IN BOLD PRINT.

Welcome! In 2021, I followed a life dream with my best friend and became the co-founder of IN BOLD PRINT. - a carbon accounting platform and service solution.While that occupies most of my time these days, I also have a background in data, analytics, consulting, and marketing and love to get involved in the community wherever possible.

Cierra Valor


Check out for more information about the company I co-founded!Beyond that, I also help 1) companies figure out the right tech stack for analytics 2) startups get really efficient with their processes and teams 3) businesses of any size create marketing collateral that helps with sales - from websites, to business cards, to sales decks 4) individuals with their resumes and interview plans.Need help with something? Want proof that I am actually good at this stuff? Reach out.


The Professional
Prior to starting IN BOLD PRINT., I worked as the Chief of Staff to the Head of Product at Tempus, a Chicago-based startup in the HealthTech field. In this role, I managed five product teams and established the go-to-market plan for the re-launch of an analytics application that provided data for clinical drug trials.
Before working at Tempus, I worked as a data and analytics consultant at a Chicago-based firm called Aptitive. In this role, I led project teams that developed enterprise data warehouses and dashboards for business decision-making. Internally, I also helped grow Aptitive to over 50 employees and established a retail analytics practice.I graduated from Loyola in December of 2015, with a major in Information Systems. During my time at Loyola, I was one of the founding team members of a marketing department at SMS Assist, a facilities maintenance technology startup in Chicago, and ran a nonprofit called Esperanza's Children.The Personal
I have two small dogs (but love big, “scary” ones), live in downtown Chicago, genuinely love talking state-of-the-world and asking “why” about everything, care deeply about the people in my life - both personal and professional, love fighting the good fight (whatever that may be), spend my time trying to find the next way to be more or better, and am completely flawed like the best of them. So in summary - I am human.


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